Here’s what we’re doing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.


  • DO NOT ATTEND if you’re feeling unwell, anyone presenting as sick when entering the studio will not be allowed entry to the class or may be asked to leave during a class
  • YOU MUST BOOK INTO A CLASS ONLINE USING THE APP OR WEBSITE TO SECURE YOUR PLACE.  Places are limited to 20 people due to current COVID-19 guidelines
  • Coming to a class
    • Park your car in the car park (take note of the areas where you can park)
    • walk through the open studio doors and place your shoes on the shoe rack or floor
    • if there is a queue for reception please wait with a 1.5m distance between you and the next person in the queue
    • tell the receptionist the name you booked the class under
    • SQUIRT a blob of luxurious hand sanitizer – we’re using an organic sustainable natural product full of alcohol that meets WHO standards
    • walk into the main studio, place your mat on the floor in one of the allocated X on the floor
    • bring you own MAT, WATER BOTTLE and TOWEL
    • if you’re NEW TO YOGA take a place at the back of the room so you can watch those in front of you
  • TOILETS – if you need to use the toilet please follow the signs or ask at reception.  SHOWERS ARE NOT PERMITTED under COVID-19 rules
  • TISSUES will be available in the studio room should you need to sneeze/cough, make sure you sneeze or cough into the tissue and place it in the bins around the studio
  • After your class is finished please leave promptly so we can clean the room before the next class
  • BEFORE YOU LEAVE… SQUIRT another blob of luxurious hand sanitizer into you hands and rub gently as you leave the studio
  • Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!


  • have undergone the COVID-19 infection control training
  • hold current first aid certificates
  • will not teach if feeling unwell or presenting any symptoms
  • will use hand sanitizer before and after each class
  • will NOT use any props or offer hands on assistance during the class


  • our studio is brand new and has been thoroughly cleaned using the COVID-19 protocols and materials
  • the studio floor and surfaces will be cleaned prior to and AFTER EVERY CLASS using alcohol based cleaning materials
  • toilets, reception area, doors and surfaces will all be wiped down using alcohol based cleaning materials prior to and after every class

If you have any questions about our COVID-19 action plan please email: