Hot Bikyasa Flow is a fast paced FLOW of sequential poses performed with each breath in time to carefully selected music chosen by the instructor. Bikyasa Yoga is a hybrid of yogic principals dating back thousand of years combined with modern music in a hot 38-40 degrees room.
The Bikyasa sequence of poses are the same for EVERY class, but the music may differ depending on your instructors choice, mood and time of day.  Expect anything from Moby to heavy rock classics 😉  Bikyasa links together each pose seamlessly enabling the connection between the body, breath and mind. You won’t have a minute to think about anything other than what you’re doing and trying to keep up 🙂  Meditate, concentrate, focus and keep up!

Bikyasa is a complete total body workout, every muscle, ligament, joint and organ will be challenged as each pose prepares and launches you into the next.

Stand at the back of the class and watch those in front of you for direction and form.  The teachers dialog will help get you into and out of each pose.  If you miss a pose just move on to the next one or hang in child’s pose.  If you can’t do a pose, watch what other’s do and improvise with a smile and challenge yourself in the next class.

Bikyasa isn’t for everyone, but those who love it enjoy the practice at least a few times a week.  It’s definitely a challenging/advanced class!