Meditation Perth – our meditation classes are set in a non heated warm room where you’ll be led through a guided meditation by one of our amazing teachers. Like any muscle in your body your mind needs to be trained and rested.  In our busy lives we’re constantly on the go, a regular meditation practice helps us become more aware of our thoughts and feelings.  Classes will vary depending on your teacher so expect to learn something new and enlightening every session.

Most meditation classes you’ll be laying down on your back but some classes may be seated crossed legged.  It takes time for some people to be comfortable in their own minds…watching thoughts come and go (meditation).  We don’t often just sit in peace without any distractions and watch our thoughts.  We’re always too busy ticking off our to do list, going from one place to the next, being distracted with phone calls, text messages, social media, television and so on.  So some people will find this practice difficult.

HEAT RATING: this class IS NOT heated

massage therapist Anouk
Benefits of regular meditation classes
  • Increased focus
  • A quieter more peaceful mind
  • Ease psychological symptoms of depression
  • Reduce anxiety and pain related to anxiety
  • Mental resilience
  • Happier life and contentedness
  • Improved concentration
  • Improved relaxation and calmness
What to bring?
  • Your yoga mat… you can also bring a blanket and pillow if you wish to be more comfortable.  Each class is different you may be seated for a while and/or lying down for the duration of the class
  • Bottle of water (NOT GLASS)
  • Wear comfortable stretchy clothing
  • Once you enter the yoga studio please remain silent until you leave
  • Leave all other belonging in the communal areas including keys, sunglasses etc..
  • NO PHONES! Switch off phones if you leave them in the communal area
YOGA NIDRA MEDITATION – alternate Wednesday class
Yoga Nidra – 60 mins of pure indulgence and self-care

Yoga Nidra – also known as yogi sleep or conscious sleep, works as a healing, powerful meditation technique, and one of the easiest yoga practices of ‘Pratyahara’ to develop and maintain. This systematic meditation takes you through the pancha maya kosha (five layers of self), leaving you with a sense of wholeness. The class offers a truly unique experience and is a great way to take care of your life and rest a while.

Yoga Nidra Applications:
1-Inducing a positive thought
2-removing unwanted or undesirable thoughts, habits or memory of pain.
3-promote healing process
4-spiritual development to obtain clarity of the mind.

Meditation Classes Perth – wear comfortable clothing (PJ’s are great), bring your mat, some water, a blanket (if you feel cold easily) and anything you need to make yourself comfortable while laying down on your mat.