Flow Hot Yoga & Pilates Wangara

After practicing Yoga & Pilates for more than a decade husband and wife team Lorraine and Shawn Swart decided to open up their very own Hot Yoga & Reformer Pilates studio in Wangara.  Both Shawn and Lorraine have spent many years competing in team sports as well as triathlon’s and marathon’s and the last few years taking part in the Busselton Jetty Swim.

Flow came about because they enjoyed the fluid movement and mindfulness of yoga and pilates.  Flow is all about giving everyone no matter their age, flexibility or strength an environment to FLOW and GROW and LEARN.


Flow offers a wide variety of classes from early morning, lunch time to late at night to suit everyone’s lifestyle choices.  Classes include mindful meditation incorporating breathwork techniques to help with anxiety and depression.  Yin Yoga classes are not heated and are slow paced focusing on stretching and stressing the muscles around the joints.  Reformer Pilates is great for those recovering from injury, creating balance across the body or wanting to build a strong solid core.  Flow Yoga classes range from slow paced with long strong holds to fast paced including arm balances and advanced sequencing to challenge anyone who wants to push themselves.  HOT yoga (26-2 or Bikram) composes of 26 postures that will literally wring your body out from top to toe… you’ll leave feeling like you’ve just had a 60 minute deep tissue massage.


Co-owner and founder of Buggybuddys and Seniorocity – online guide for families and over 55’s in Perth.  Lorraine is a qualified Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor.  Lorraine spent her younger years playing competitive badminton and swimming, then went on to become a gym junkie.  Lorraine found a passion for triathlon’s and marathons after meeting husband Shawn 12 years ago.  As Lorraine became a little (wiser) she noticed her body needed something different, pounding the netball courts and running the coastal pathway daily was beginning to hurt!  She had practiced yoga on and off for 12 years and then found Hot Yoga locally in Perth.  Lorraine was introduced to Buddhism 6 years ago and fell in love with mindfulness and mediation.


Shawn trained as a chartered accountant in South Africa and has practice all over the world.  When moving to Perth in 2011 he set up his own business as a Mortgage Broker – Lime Mortgage Brokers.  Shawn was also an avid gym junkie and found his love for triathlon’s when he met Lorraine.  Shawn loves his Rugby, Cycling and is an ocean swimmer.  He got into Hot Yoga 5 years ago and hasn’t looked back since!  He loved it so much that he did his teacher training in Bali with the Yoga Vine Studio.