We have a waitlist for all classes for up to 20 people, you will be notified by text/email if a place becomes available.  Waitlists do come down and change very quickly, you can see your position on the waitlist once you’re added on the Flow iphone/android app.  Check your emails and text messages regularly as you’re more than likely to get into most classes.  If you’re waitlisted for a 6am class you must remove yourself from the waitlist if you do not wish to set your alarm and wake up to check if you’ve been added during the night.  You can be added at anytime day/night up to 4 hours prior to the class starting.


  • If you pre-book a Reformer Pilates class and fail to attend or late cancel for any reason, you will be automatically charged a $20 no show fee with the exception of 10 class pass holders or single pass holders will be forfeit 1 x single class pass.
  • Reformer Pilates classes must be cancelled at least 4 hours prior to the start of class. If you fail to cancel within this time you will be charged the no show/late cancellation fee above. The late fee is non- refundable.
  • REFORMER BOOKINGS – please only book into a max of 2 reformer classes per day. Do not put yourself into 2 back to back classes then late cancel one, as this is shown as a late cancel and you will be charged a $20 fee.
  • LATE CANCEL / NO SHOWS – we allow for 1 late cancellation/no show each month. Email: admin@flowhot.com.au to use your allowance once. There is a $20 charge applied to your credit card for all other’s following your allowance.


No refunds or returns on any packages or retail items sold at the studio.