Yoga Cancellation Policy

Some classes are very popular and attract a waitlist.  Because of this you have a 4 hour window to cancel your class and you will not incur any cancellation costs.  If you cancel your class within the 4 hour window you will be charged $10.  Online bookings are available 24/7 and our cancellation policy is in place to ensure everyone has a chance to attend.

WAITLIST – we have a waitlist for all classes for up to 20 people, you will be notified by text/email if a place becomes available.  Waitlists do come down and change very quickly, you can see your position on the waitlist once you’re added on the Flow iphone/android app.  Check your emails and text messages regularly as you’re more than likely to get into most classes.


Reformer Pilates Cancellation Policy

  • If you pre-book a Reformer Pilates class and fail to attend or late cancel for any reason, you will be automatically charged a $20 no show fee with the exception of 10 class pass holders or single pass holders will be forfeit 1 x single class pass.
  • Reformer Pilates classes must be cancelled at least 4 hours prior to the start of class. If you fail to cancel within this time you will be charged the no show/late cancellation fee above. The late fee is non- refundable.