Things to do in Isolation or Quarantine…. an Active Family Friendly Quarantine Survival Guide

It appears we may be quarantined / in self-isolation / lock-down for the foreseeable future so we’ve come up with some things to do in isolation / quarantine for active families.


  1. Online classes – lots of businesses are offering free or subscription based classes such a yoga, cosmic kids, pilates etc..
  3. Set an alarm to move around every hour for at least 5 mins, at the end of day you’ll have done 75mins of exercise!!
  4. Play keepie uppie with a ball in the back garden
  5. Tennis up against a wall in the back garden
  6. Push ups 4 times a day to failure
  7. Back garden games – egg and spoon race, three legged races, pillow case races, what time is it mr wolf
  8. Water play – get some small buckets and fill up a small paddling pool, position the pool a long long way away from the tap 😉
  9. Fly a kite in the back garden
  10. Skipping rope challenges
  11. 100 squats every 3 hours
  12. Get the kids bathers on and wash the car, bikes, caravan, boat 🙂
  13. Treasure hunt (with clues, hide a favourite toy somewhere in the house)
  14. 20 sit-ups every 2 hours
  15. Graffiti the garden fence or driveway with chalk
  16. Living Room disco – play freeze, musical chairs, have a dance off
  17. Create an obstacle course
  18. Have a handball tournament
  19. 1-2min plank every 2 hours
  20. Gardening – plant some seeds and watch them grow, or use vegetable cuttings to grow new veggies THINGS TO DO IN ISOLATION
  21. Meditate for 5 mins, sit in a quiet room or in the garden, watch your thoughts, acknowledge them and let them go. Put a note pad next to you and note down your thoughts that came up THINGS TO DO IN ISOLATION
  22. Star jumps 4 times a day to failure
  23. Clean the house – sweeping, mopping, dusting, change the bed sheets, move the furniture around
  24. Cleaning out cupboards
  25. Burpees 4 times a day to failure
  26. Get a basketball / netball hoop and practice shooting
  27. Love it or hate it TIKTOK is great to get the kids actively dancing and moving around, learn a new dance routine!
  28. Order some gym equipment online and create a circle class – dumbbells, pilates hoops, rollers, fit balls etc..
  29. Create a fortress in the house, use blankets, sheets etc.. to create a cubby fortress anywhere in the house
  30. Put up a tent in the back garden, get the kids to do and sit back and enjoy a cup of tea 😉

By all means let the kids have some downtime everyday to watch a movie, read, draw, do some craft, listen to music whatever suits them.  Keep referring back to our things to do in isolation!  Exercise and movement are great ways to build up our immune systems and help release our “happy hormones” and give us energy, drive and focus.  Don’t stop moving, go with the FLOW, be the FLOW.