Debbie is one our amazing and much loved HOT YOGA (Bikram Style) teachers.  Debbie practices at least 3 times a week and teaches with love and understanding.  She loves seeing her students challenge themselves to reach their goals.

Debbie: “Yoga is my life. It has healed me not just physically, but mentally. Let it do the same for you, you will never regret it.”


Daniele is well rounded teacher, delivery fierce intermediate / advanced Vinyasa Flows, beginners Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation.  Starting yoga while working in South Africa, he has practiced every day for the last 3 years. Daniele traveled to Rishikesh, India and did his 200hr Yoga teacher training. Here, in the birthplace of yoga, he explored the benefits on your health and the philosophy and history of the practice.  Daniele loves Vinyasa, Pranayama, Meditation and Yin Restorative, but really, he just loves every opportunity to share yoga with his students.


Yoga came into my life at the end of 2014. Having broken many limbs, some twice, I was always encouraged to do things like Yoga and Pilates. Having not explored the extensive yoga world and styles, being a runner and cyclist, I never thought it would be something for me. This was proved wrong and now having yoga in my life, makes me always open-minded about the unknown and step out of comfort zones.

One hot Bikram class – I was hooked! The heat, the discipline to hold the poses that I had never shaped my body into – the mind-work that took me away from my outside.  It was like body origami! but the challenge was rewarding and refreshing!

Shortly after I became committed to my mat, I grew a love for the environment the yoga community and yoga studios gave me. It always provided such an array of different walks of life, a community of love, acceptance and non-judgement – having travelled and lived in other parts of the world, I loved this. The commitment to my practice found me feeling great, a calmer and more positive person. I would get a sore back if I didn’t practice regularly! The adaptation of the mind/body connection in my practice was a tool gained for everyday life. Regular yoga practice was like medicine for life’s hurdles and challenges. I could go on about the benefits of yoga – but most of all I love that it’s a kind practice for your body that can be accessible and adaptable  for absolutely all of us  – you can chill or really push yourself and do some things you had never dreamed of! As a student or a teacher, I find  regular commitment to any style of yoga practice detoxing for the mind and the physical body, I think it teaches us more about ourselves and others, I hope you find this too!

In 2016 Sumits/Bakyasa Yoga came to my studio. This was so timely as much as Bikram provided me with such good foundations, but I wanted something more. This style of yoga is like a hot power flow entailing importance of breathwork, hatha, vinyasa flow, core work, meditation – and choreographed to music!! Discovering music is a love of mine. I had found something I loved and wanted to dig deeper with it, so this led me to doing the my 200HTT.

I am currently embarking on some Ashtanga TT – learning never stops in the yoga world.


Neil is the owner of YogaFusion, Safari Field Guide and founder of Soul Sanctuary Safari yoga retreats.

With a background in personal training and massage therapy, Neil began teaching yoga over ten years ago and has been leading yoga retreats in sumptuous locations since 2013.  Neil’s simple belief system of love, kindness, honesty and integrity, he creates a space for growth so that your true potential can be glimpsed and achieved.

He has the ability to quickly gain a clear understanding of the needs of students and to adapts his teaching to cater for these abilities and surpass their needs.  Neil brings fun and humour to his vinyasa flow classes creating a playful forum, offering the opportunity for self-exploration and a greater self-understanding and acceptance through yoga.


Hayley - Pilates Teacher

Hayley became interested in Pilates 18 years ago after a neck and lower back injury, Pilates initially helped with her recovery, but then she found it enhanced her life in so many different areas, including her martial arts training that she enjoyed competing in.

Every time she thought she was ‘better’ from the car accidents, she would stop her Pilates practice and then eventually acquire some sort of re-injury. After time it became crystal clear that Pilates must be part of her everyday life to keep her body safe and strong.

She completed her Matwork certification to deepen her own understanding and now loves helping others create mobility and strength in their bodies. Her thirst for knowledge just keeps increasing and went on to do Reformer certification as well. Hayley is a mum of a 4 year old girl and a 2 year old boy which keep her very busy when she isn’t teaching pilates!



I found Yoga 12 years ago, after my first child was born unwell. A deep need for guidance in mindfulness & meditation lead me to Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga with a great Ashtanga teacher, Morrison McQueen.

I instantly became a dedicated practitioner. After years of developing a consistent self-practise, and coming to know the healing & joyful affects of yoga in my life – I knew I had to share this gift with others.

I have been a certified instructor in the fitness industry for 13 years, with most of my later qualifications & teaching focused on Yoga.

I have been a Yoga teacher for 6 years and am a certified Vinyasa teacher, most recently gaining further education through the Yoga Vine in Perth.

I take a ‘whole person’ approach to health, and so also qualified as a nutritionist in 2013 in order to more affectively guide people toward wellness.

Though the physical rewards of a consistent yoga practise are many, and absolutely an integral part of the journey inwards – the inner stillness, feelings of a deeper connection to  oneself and others, and a joyous love of life – are the true gifts of Yoga. I feel so grateful everyday to share this practise with others.