Pilates Wangara – we run non-heated/warm Mat Pilates Classes in our main studio in Wangara, Perth.   We offer beginners/introduction Mat Pilates Classes for those new to Mat Pilates so they can learn the fundamentals in a smaller group.  The classes are a mixture of classical and modern pilates in a non-heated but ambient room coupled with easy listening music chosen by the teacher.

This is a great class for beginners and those returning from injury (you must have been signed off by a physiotherapist to do Mat Pilates).  Mat Pilates classes Wangara are a low-impact class suitable for all bodies and ages. Props may be used in these classes including, pilates rings, balls, weights, bands and dowels.

All forms of Pilates are a great form of exercise suitable for everyone no matter fitness, strength, flexibility and mobility.  They’re also suitable for pregnant ladies in in their early trimesters as our teachers will offer props and modifications throughout the classes.  You don’t need any previous experience to join any of the classes, just let the teacher know that you’re new and they will guide you through the class to ensure you’re using the correct technique and engaging the right muscles.


  • increased strength
  • increased balance
  • posture alignment
  • improved flexibility
  • increased mobility across all joints
  • better core control
  • better muscle tone

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  • a yoga/pilates mat
  • towel
  • water bottle (non-glass)

pilates wangara